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TravGanic is the leading brand specializing in an exclusive group of green, sustainable accommodations and tour companies around the world. We believe in slow and responsible travel that connects people with the outdoors and helps protect local culture and heritage. We want to partner with brands that believe in the conservation of our planets resources, flora, fauna, animals and culture.



Do you have a great eco property or tour company?

Join our growing list of unique properties and tours around the world. Our clients love nature and want to know that the places they stay or companies they travel with care as much about the planet as they do.  If you have a property or tour that shares these values in sustainability and conservation please contact us today about joining us. Give us a call at 833-878-4262 or email us today.

Interested in having your tour operator, hotel or other accommodation certified as a sustainable operator? TravGanic offers certification based on ISEAL and the UN Environmental Policy for hotels, vacation rentals, Bed & Breakfasts and Tour Operators. Find out more and get certified today.

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