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Bringing Sustainable Travel to the World

Over the past year Alice Ford and her Team at TravGanic in Los Angeles have been striving to bring Eco friendly tourism to your door step.

With TravGanic partnering with EMAS, together you can book with confidence.

In another successful strive for green tourism excellence, TravGanic has partnered with EMAS and the EU Ecolabel.  EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a premium management instrument developed by the European Commission for companies and other organizations to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance.  This is a voluntary environmental management tool that is open to organizations of any size, anywhere in the world.

What does this mean for you?  It’s simple. With TravGanic partnering with EMAS, together you can book with confidence knowing that your hotel has undergone the only environmental management tool requiring publication of an annual independently validated environmental statement. These statements help’s companies and green bookers to find hotels and travel destinations of responsible environmental practices.

Since April of 1995, over 4,000 organisations have been awarded the certification label from EMAS.  This is big news in the world of eco-tourism as the number of registered websites now advertises certified EMAS hotels around the world continues to increase.

Along with EMAS, a second certification has been noted and will be featured on TravGanic’s home for certified green hotels.  The EU Ecolabel, is a third party certified Type I ISO 14024 ecolabel, which was established in 1992. This label identifies with hotels and travel destinations that have reduced their environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.  This includes the extraction of raw materials, use and disposal of waste.  These practices help lower energy and water consumption that ultimately lower overall waste.  This certification defines a property or campsite from the ground up.  With over 38,760 certified products and services knowing that the property you book was built from the ground up with the environment in mind is a fantastic concept and something that speaks volumes to TravGanic’s mission statement.

Currently, worldwide tourism is an important piece of economics. Tourism generates over 5% of just the European Union’s GDP. On a global scare the gross GDP is much higher and truly reflects the amount of money that goes in each year to this market.  With this in mind, we can truly reflect on the importance of labels like EMAS and the EU Ecolabel and how they play a significant role in how the world’s population will begin to think about green travel.  Sites like TravGanic are committed to providing the world’s best options for eco-friendly tourism.

TravGanic is one of the first sites to carry an extensive green tourism certification program.

Joining forces with TravGanic is just another step forward for the world’s population to gain access to an ever-changing market of tourism.  Market trends over the past five years have shown that tourism professionals need to respond to the consumers demand for sustainable services.  This puts an emphasize on environmental excellence and with the help of registered certifications like EMAS and EU Ecolabel the tourism market can move in simpatico with upcoming trends of green tourism.

TravGanic is one of the first sites to carry an extensive green tourism certification program. Our goal is to serve you and your family on your next destination; bringing you the world as it should be seen, with just a click.  TravGanic’s extensive partnership across the globe guarantees that the hotels and vacations you book are held to the highest standards of eco-tourism. Together we are moving toward a fully sustainable tourism market that will provide you and your family an exhilarating experience that won’t be forgotten. When looking to book your next holiday or weekend away, take the time to review www.travganic.com for your next eco-friendly trip.

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