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COVID 19 UPDATES: Tourism Relief Fund Created 

A message from our CEO:

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure to work with some incredible organizations with my company TravGanic​. I climbed Kilimanjaro with Eco-Africa Climbing​ and visited indigenous cultures with my friends at Visit Natives in Norway and in Tanzania. ​ Now these companies and the communities they support are in trouble as tourism has come to a halt in Tanzania. To help them and the people that rely on them we have started a fundraiser that will help in buying food, clean water and healthcare for the indigenous communities, guides, porters and staff.

If you could spare $20 – 100 we would all be forever grateful.

In 2018 I went to Tanzania for the first time and fell in love with the people and the destination. A place that I will always remember for its happy people, welcoming spirit, and lots of laughter, singing and friendship. I have been working with two companies there for some time now. One is Eco Africa Climbing whom I hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro with and the other is Visit Natives a company that supports indigenous groups like the Maasai by bringing guests to stay with them, trek with them and observe their ways of life.

This fundraiser would like to raise $10,000 to support two of our partner companies Visit Natives and Eco Africa Climbing and the people that they support in Tanzania. Eco Africa Climbing employs upwards of 150 mountain guides, porters and cooks that lead groups up Mt Kilimanjaro and to Safari throughout the country. Visit Natives supports the Maasai and Hadzabe people in Tanzania, two indigenous groups that offer home stays and unique cultural experiences to learn about their ways of life.

With COVID 19 shutting down borders and closing markets in Tanzania both of these companies, their staff and the communities they support are hurting.

After speaking with both companies and the people that have been effected by the stop in tours I have decided to create a fundraiser for them. Our goal is to raise $10,000. This money will be split equally among the Maasai and the porters, guides and cooks that can no longer work on the mountain or host visitors. It will be used to buy corn, grain, water and provide healthcare to those in need. We have created a GoFundMe Page with more information on the cause and an area to make a donation.

As little as $20 US can provide food for a Maasai family, and any little bit you can spare will make a big difference.

If you cannot make a donation at this time, please share this campaign with a friend or on social media. I know many of us are severely affected by this global pandemic, and may not have anything to give. That being said if you need assistance of any kind please let me know.

If you would like to learn more about the Maasai you can also join a livestream performance they are hosting on May 30th- Joining the performance is €45 and all proceeds go to buying Maize for their families.
Live Stream Event Sign Up:


Help Support Tanzanian Tourism & The Maasai

Supporting a family costs as little as $20. With tourism at a standstill these people have no money or livelihood to support their families. 

A special message from Eco Africa Climbing & It’s Staff

We are Eco-Africa Climbing, a sustainable travel company in Tanzania who does ethical Kilimanjaro climbs.
We are a proud Partner for the Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project (KPAP).
We have employed around 150 Mountain crews (Guides, Cooks, and porters) who serve our clients during the Kilimanjaro climbs.
Most of the people at the slope of the Mountain Kilimanjaro depend on Mountain work to support their life, families, and community around.

Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry has been affected as no one is travel which also affected our Mountain crew as there is no work during this time.
Since there has been no work on the Mountain during this time, it has been very difficult for our Mountain crew to support their families and community as used to pay for the bills (food, rent, water in, medicine, etc..
Right now we don’t know when will the travel industry back to normal.
As a company, we feel it will be the right decision to do this Fundraising for our Mountain crew to get the fund to support them during this hard time.

The fund will be distributed to the Mountain crew in order to support them during this time.
We are asking each and everyone to support our Mountain crew by donating any amount.

We will be grateful for your support during this difficult time we are facing right now.

May our God bless each and everyone and keep you safe during this time.


Team Eco-Africa

A Message from Visit Natives

The Maasai are struggling at the moment as there is a lack of food. Usually, Maasai can get some cash to buy extra food and medicine by selling cattle in local animal markets or from tourism activities. But due to the Coronavirus, the Tanzanian government has shut down all local animal markets, and there is no tourism at all. So they are struggling to have any cash to buy enough food as milk is not enough.

To help Maasai families, We are raising funds so we can buy food and health insurance for the most impoverished Maasai families. With the funds raised, we buy 50kg maize and rice for each Maasai homestead, and we also purchase health insurance for each family so they can use health services for free. People can contribute as little as $20 USD to support a family.

The Maasai are beautiful, kind family oriented people and your support will mean a world of difference.
The Maasai are beautiful, kind family oriented people and your support will mean a world of difference.

The Give Back Performance

Join our Maasai Give Back performance on May 30th for 45 Euros.
An additional way to offer support is to sign up for our Maasai Give Back Live Stream Concert on May 30th. This performance will be streamed live from one of our Maasai families, bringing you into their home for a special performance of singing and traditional dancing.

Maasai Give Back Performance on May 30th

From our family to yours, Asante Sana (Thank you Very Much)

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