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5 Day Diving & Biodiversity Experience on Faial, Azores

Come and discover the beautiful island of Faial in the Azores, where the countryside and sea merge into one, and where you can contribute to the conservation of the Ocean and the endemic species in a unique travel experience!

Tour Details 

Spend up to 5 days on this beautiful island and help preserve its magical biosphere! The crystalline waters and biodiversity are the perfect invitation for those who are passionate about the sea and its preservation; as well as the lush landscapes that delight those that like to breath fresh air and enjoy an adventure not to be missed!

The third most inhabited island of the archipelago, Faial is part of the central group, alongside the islands of São Jorge and Pico. With its unique landscapes, fascinating cliffs to the sea, crystal clear waters, endless green fields, volcanos as well as its richness in biodiversity, culture and tradition, this small island gathers all the conditions for the most unforgettable holidays.

Trip Highlights

    • Learn about Marine biodiversity of Faial
    • Dive into the Azorean Atlantic
    • Explore plant and animal biodiversity
    • Work with local organization to clean up beaches, research sea beds and protect the ecological footprint of the island

Location:        Faial, Azores Portugal
Duration:        1 to 5 Days
Departures:    Weekly
Season:           Yearound
Difficulty:       1 2 3 4 5
Minimum:      2 people



Low Season (5 days)

  • 2 people: $590 per person
  • 3-5 people: $525 per person
  • 6-8 people: $490 per person

High Season (5 days)

  • 2 people: $685 per person
  • 3-5 people: $615 per person
  • 6-8 people: $575 per person

Duration: 1-5 Days                  Season: Year Round

Group Departures: Custom

During your stay, you will have truly unique experiences, learn more about the enormous marine biodiversity, dive into the Azorean Atlantic, discover plants and flowers you have never seen before and drift-off in breathtaking landscapes. You will explore the flavors and scents of the local gastronomy and get to know the stories and works of the artisans.

But besides indulging in this magical natural environment, you will have the chance to help preserve the island and its fauna and flora, collecting trash from the beaches and seabed and learning more about how we can reduce the ecological footprint to keep this paradise in the middle of the ocean alive.  And in midst of this adventure, of course, you will also find enough time to simply relax, have a peaceful stroll around your surroundings, and interact with the locals. Don’t miss out on this lifetime experience.

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Inside The Island | Ocean Conservation in Faial Azores

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Day 1:
09:00 am | Meeting point in the Horta Marina. Short walk in Entremontes with a stop on the viewpoint for a brief introduction to the island and to the program of the week.
Walk to the beach of Porto Pim, where you will receive an introduction to microplastics before commencing to help clean the beach for half an hour.
Visit of the whale factory (information on whaling and cetaceans of the Azores) and climb of Monte da Guia along the Neptuno trail, where you will be in touch with the protected marine areas of the Azores in the bay of Caldeirinhas (the first marine reserve of the Azores).
01:00 pm | Picnic in Feteira park
02:30 pm | Visit the Capelinhos volcano with entrance to the Interpretation Center.
05:00 pm | Return to the city and free time for personal activities.

Day 2:
09:00 am | Morning dedicated to snorkeling, with the identification of marine species and collection of trash from the seabed.
12:00 pm | Sea view lunch at Porto Pim Beach.
02:00 pm | Trash collection on the beach or on a river, contributing to the preservation of the fauna and flora of the region.
05:00 pm | Return to the city and free time for personal activities.

Day 3:
09:00 am | Visit the botanical garden of Faial for an introduction to the endemic plants. Trekking from the Caldera Perimeter or the North Beach (according to the weather) with trash collection along the way.
01:00 pm | Picnic.
02:30 pm | Second part of the trekking trail or visit to Ribeirinha Lighthouse and other interesting points of the island.
05:00 pm | Return to the city and free time for personal activities.

Day 4:
08:30 am | Cetacean Observation.
01:00 pm | Lunch at the beach of Porto Pim.
02:30 pm | Cleaning of cigars on the beach of Porto Pim.
04:00 pm | Return to the city and free time for personal activities.

Day 5:
09:00 am | Visit the island of Pico. On this day, you will discover the most iconic places on this beautiful island. You will be able to visit Laje das Rosas, Pico Vineyards (protected by the UNESCO) Maroissos (volcanic rock pyramids), Lajes village and the Beleiros Museum, among other wonders of the island of Pico.
05:00 pm | Return to Faial and free time for personal activities.

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