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Head to this serene retreat for a refreshing experience among the floral. The Lavender Cottage (薰衣草森林 in Mandarin), is a non-profit business set up by two girls purely for the love of lavenders, and to create a breathing space for reflection and relaxation. The piece of land this attraction sits on today belongs to one of the founder’s grandfather. Though non-profit, their business is brisk and is widely recommended and favoured by locals and tourists alike.

For an admission fee of NT200 which is about $6 US, you get to fully redeem the fees for any expenses inside the premises. Wondering how their business gets sustained over the years to such resounding success? With many knick-knacks within the garden − ranging from souvenir shops selling handmade bar soaps to snack kiosks and an in-house restaurant − these made up for their revenue. Perhaps it is the tranquil spirit in Lavender Cottage which makes a good retreat for the busy city dwellers.

Promoting eco-friendly facilities and environmental conservation is very important to the owners at the Lavender House. There are many educational facts of the floral grown at the premises which can be seen while walking the grounds. Many of the man-made constructions around the garden are also made from natural and local resources.

To advocate the importance of appreciating nature to the younger generations, they have activities catering to the young and old in different season. For example in summer, they have a Firefly Festival which encourages the young to camp outdoors while spotting fireflies in action. The facilitator will then implement lessons on the importance of environmental and human balance.

Some pretty blooms such as Wisteria were seen in season last April.The highlights of the cottage are really the fields of lavenders. However, with nature, it is hard to forecast the actually blooming and lifespan of the lavenders. Luck as well as the weather condition play a part in determining if you can meet the blooms in time.

When you are tired, cheer yourself up with a Lavender Ice Cream. Smells heavenly and made from real Lavender petals; fees can be offset from the admission fees.

The Lavender Cottage is a lovely place; facilities were up to date and ambience relaxing and refreshing amidst the greens and bees. A strong advocator of environmental conservation and creator of harmony between living organisms, this non-profit concept deserve a visit for its excellent staff attitude and service to guests too. Come on down for a special visit in Taitung at Lavender Cottage.

For more information: www.lavendercottage.com.tw

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