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What is TravGanic GreenCertification?

This  program recognizes hotels, B &B’s, other places of lodging and tour operators that are leading the industry in environmental practices. Our goal is to have a global standardized rating system for green hotels, vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts and tour companies. Our rating system is one that consumers can trust and that also helps businesses become more sustainable. Based on the ISEAL, United Nations Environmental Policy, 10YFP and the GRA we have some fo the most encompassing and stringent guidelines for certification, that guarantees the effectiveness of certification.

Why get certified?

Are you a Hotel, Eco Resort, Bed & Breakfast, vacation rental or tour operator that adheres to good or great environmental practices?

Here at TravGanic we are committed to recognizing green innovators all over the world. All of our member organizations have proven their commitment to making the world and our community’s better places, and reducing the impact we as humans cause in our daily activities. Certified properties have met stringent requirements in seven impact categories. Categories include:

  • Water efficiency
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable design
  • Community outreach & Training
  • Purchasing
  • Ecosystem & Natural Habitat

Properties are rated based on the amount of points they obtain in all categories and are awarded certification in 4 categories, if they meet the minimum prerequisites and gain enough points.

Properties can earn the following certifications:

  • Certified
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

All hotels, resorts,B & B’s and tour operators wishing to become certified can click on the link below. Unlike most of the other green certification websites TravGanic certification is affordable for even the smallest of companies! We also provide POS to your business, web marketing and booking once you are certified.

For properties that are wishing to become more sustainable but don’t know where to start please contact our support team for details on our sustainability auditors.

For questions or support please email: info@travganic.com

Who is Eligible?

To qualify as a TravGanic partner properties must

1.) have a verified business representative; 2) have at least 2 rooms; or offer at least two multi day tours and 3) meet a set of required green practices. TravGanic Certified properties must also achieve a minimum score on the application survey.

To apply, please fill out the appropriate survey for your business type. Are you a place of lodging or a tour company? Your score on the survey determines your TravGanic level. All participants must reapply every three years and are all subject to auditing by the TravGanic team or outside auditing organization.

If you need multiple days to complete the survey, (for example, you may want to consult with your building engineer on some questions), you can save your answers and come back to complete the survey at a later date. Your survey will not be submitted until you click Submit completed survey.


How it works

By becoming part of the TravGanic family you are taking a step towards improving your environmental performance and your bottom line. You will increase your profit share by gaining extra exposure to the green traveler.

To begin the process a representative from your hotel will complete an environmental assessment survey that reviews all areas of your operation. The environmental assessment survey unlike many other companies costs just $99.00 and can be paid at then end of the survey. After completion of the survey please allow 3-5 business days for the TravGanic assessment team to review and score your certification. Results will be sent via email to the registered email address.  The report scorecard will be followed up with an onsite audit and will generate a report that outlines other areas of improvement.  After the scorecard is verified you will receive your certification in the mail and have immediate online presence on our website. Once you are registered and certified you will also be invited to join our booking program and complete your personalized extranet.

For properties not meeting the minimum number of points or requirements; reports will be generated based on survey answers and packages for audits will be available for those properties wishing to implement environmental standards.


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