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Travganic F.A.Q.’s

What does it mean to get certified?

Green certification can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. But to us at TravGanic it means a hotel has stringent rules and regulations pertaining to their business practices. It means they have regulations in place for things such as water efficiency, waste management, energy saving, environmental training, efficient heating and cooling as well as community involvement. It also means that compared to other businesses in the same field they are doing great things with their community to be more sustainable, more community driven and often carbon neutral. There are several layers of certification. Properties that are just starting out with green practices may only qualify into a base level certification. Those that design or renovate in a LEED certified building with stringent guidelines, low emissions and huge savings on water and energy may be rated as gold, platinum or 5 stars.

How to brands get certified?

Most certification companies have a lengthy and detailed questionnaire that properties must fill out. Questions ask the details of properties waste management, water usage, energy output, heating & cooling, food and beverage usage and sourcing as well as many more.

Most certifications are similar in that properties get points for having certain things in every category, on top of having certain requirements. Most certifiers require things like oversight and measurement of all energy, waste, water and emissions. They also require staff trainings on environmental matters and guest information cards. Things like in room occupancy controls, composting and green roofs are all bonus points.

Who do we use for certification?

Currently there are dozens of certification standards around the world. TravGanic has its own set of standards and for that reason there are only certain qualifying organizations that we use. CLICK HERE for a full list and description of our partners.

I booked a hotel and haven't received a confirmation.

We use an affiliate program. Meaning when you book your room we have to contact the property and confirm it. Sometimes this can take time. We usually are able to confirm your reservation within 5 minutes, however sometimes it can take up to 6 hours. This depends on the time of day, room availability, length of stay and other factors.
Please be patient and if you haven’t received your confirmation within 24 hours please contact the reservation help desk at reply@travelnow.com

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